About Us

Our dinners (attended by members from all over the country) are always on Mondays, with the Spring 2020 event scheduled for May 18th at the Chateau Ritz, 9100 N. Milwaukee Av., Niles, Illinois. The dinner cost is $110 per attendee ($60 tax deductible). Inquiries can be made by E-Mail to contact@greatvestside.org or telephone to 847-396-9144.

Our Board of Directors consists of:

  • Vic Elias (Vice President)
  • Howard Falk
  • Art Farber (Treasurer)
  • Herb Kanter (President)
  • Ned Lufrano
  • Dick Millstone
  • Charles Orloff
  • Steve Patt (Recording Secretary)
  • Ed Reicin
  • Irv Savin
  • Larry Schaffel
  • Bud Solk (Vice President)
  • Phil Witt
  • Bill Woloshin (Secretary)
  • Danny Zakon